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Nine Stones (Mt. Leinster)

Autumn in Bunclody

St. Patrick's Day


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Stars in their Eyes

Eileen Aroon

John Murray Walk Shave or Dye

Alzheimer's Fundraiser in HWH

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Ryland Road-Irish Street junction-small.jpg (6371 bytes)
Ryland Road-Irish Street junction
Mall-1-small.jpg (4657 bytes)
Main Street from R.Clody Bridge
special_olympics_monument_small.jpg (4729 bytes)
Special Olympics Monument
Garden-small.jpg (5674 bytes)
Garden at Market Square
Chapel Road-small.jpg (8608 bytes)
Chapel Road
Carrigduff-small.jpg (8182 bytes)
Slaney1-small.jpg (4109 bytes)
River Slaney
Church Road-small.jpg (7633 bytes)
Church Road
Market Square and Irish Street from Bridge-small.jpg (7940 bytes)
Market Sq and Irish St from Bridge
R-c-church-small.jpg (4428 bytes)
RC Church
See Kilmyshall Church
Church-of-ireland-small.jpg (6532 bytes)
Church of Ireland
Mall-2-small.jpg (5023 bytes)
The Mall
Bridge-small.jpg (6866 bytes)
Slaney Bridge
Market Square-small.jpg (8755 bytes)
Market Square
Irish Street-small.jpg (8787 bytes)
Irish Street
Blackstairs Mts from Kilrush-small.jpg (10661 bytes)
Blackstairs Mts from Kilrush
Bunclody-from-hotel-2004-105-small.jpg (11385 bytes)
View from Millrace Hotel
Bunclody-from-hotel-2004-107-small.jpg (17619 bytes)
View from Millrace Hotel
Millrace-hotel-small.jpg (12913 bytes)
The Millrace Hotel
aerial-Bunclody-small.jpg (10730 bytes) aerial-Bunclody2-small.jpg (4712 bytes)
Bunclody and countryside-small.jpg (7461 bytes)
Bunclody and countryside
Mt Leinster-small.jpg (7700 bytes)
Mt Leinster
Bunclody from Mt Leinster Slopes-small.jpg (9408 bytes)
Bunclody from Mt Leinster Slopes
Ryland Road-small.jpg (7191 bytes) From crane2-small.jpg (9746 bytes) From crane4-small.jpg (9666 bytes)

Leaves and Spheres

Leaves and Spheres