I will display different photographs of places near Bunclody,
County Wexford here at fairly regular intervals.

Heavy competition
Halfway-House/Bunclody under 16 GAA county football champions.

Here we have have Fiacra Cleere (captain) receiving the cup and man-of-the-match Darren Kehoe receiving his trophy. This was a very hotly fought title and this team beat Shelmaleers in extra time in a match that had all the drama of even the most cherished national trophies. It was also the second time to play this team as a previous match had been drawn and as you will see from the faces of some of the lads, relief was given to pent-up emotion. The match was played in our newly redone county pitch in Wexford town and this added to the drama of it all, especially as it was the first time that this team played on such a prestigious ground.

The real heroes

Here in the fore-ground of this photo are the real heroes of this team. They are Noel Ryan and Michael Kehoe. These men -even though they have no boys of their own playing on the team- have dedicated hundreds of hours of hard work getting this team into both physical and mental shape. They and many, many like them are the backbone of any successful community and we all should be very grateful to these sort of men and women who give our children a well guided outlet for their exuberance. It is people like these who stand between our children and all the vices that some children would otherwise succumb to.


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Awaiting the presentation of the cup.

Here the lads await the presentation of the county cup. At this stage the can hardly believe that it is all over and that they have triumphed after a very hard match that ebbed and flowed right up until the whistle eventually sounded.

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Almost overcome with the emotion of it all

Here we have Fiacra Cleere making his victory speech, which he appropriately began by thanking the team managers.

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