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Not having the heart seems an appropriate expression, because and despite all of our knowledge that the emotions are contained in the brain, the heart is where it hurts. I am of course referring to that terrible Tuesday 11th September. 2001.

I have been hurt before by TV images of starving children and have often shed a tear while watching those images. I haven't shed any tears this time, but I have been hurt more than before. I am not sure why I am hurt so much by this. I will have to await some fine poet to eventually put my emotions into words.

My initial feelings on why this hurt so much was the sheer deliberate nature of this senseless act. Hunger and and war seem to be always with us to some extent and it seems that the amount of hurt that they create in the world doesn't increase; it just changes location. This attack seems to have added extra hurt to the world, not just relocated it. It is as if some monster looked down on the earth and said "I will add some more hurt and anguish to that globe". Then having made such a decision, had to decide how to go about causing hurt that spread all over the globe with a minimum of effort on its behalf.

Having put its mind to such a task, it concluded that killing lots of innocent people would be a great start, but the real stroke of genius came for this monster when it dawned on him that it could really add to the hurt of the world by killing thousands of the children of the peacemakers of this world.

The world has now changed. We now have more hurt in it than we had before. It will take a lot of time and huge effort to eventually counter this by good deeds. Even then it will not be the same. These people have caused us to make decisions and implement new rules that will make this world a less pleasant place to live in. We have - in order to try and eliminate this sort of attack- to forgo some of the freedoms we have enjoyed here-to-fore. Perhaps the only bit of light at the end of this tunnel is a realisation by all evil people that there are boundaries that should not be crossed and the hope that this sort of evil act will never be attempted again. The fact that no one has claimed responsibility for this dreadful attack on humanity gives some hope that perhaps the orchestrators also realise now that there are boundaries that should not be crossed.

I will post photos here again soon, but for now I have to wait for my anger, shock and hurt to subside. In the mean time I pray for the souls of all those innocent people and that God guides the hands of the decision makers.

Wattie Skelton