I would like to have some photographs of different states or countries to display here.
Preferably these would be of some well known landmark or an image that would otherwise be associated with the state or country. Please keep the images to less than 80Kb. To prevent duplication of states or countries, I would be grateful if you would send me an email before emailing the image to me.
My email address is wskelton@esatclear.ie

So if any of you out there can oblige, please send me an email.

I will display different photographs of places near Bunclody,
County Wexford here at fairly regular intervals.

Hang Gliding on Mount Leinster

Photo2.jpg (28757 bytes)

Here is a hang glider just having been assembled. On the right is another one preparing to be assembled. There is a large crowd of onlookers as this is a well known local beauty spot.


Photo.jpg (34391 bytes)

Making a few checks before takeoff.

Photo3.jpg (46850 bytes)

Trundling down the runway. Now I know why it's called a RUNway


Photo4.jpg (60890 bytes)

Up Up and away. As you can see, the scenery up here is breathtaking.