I will display different photographs here at fairly regular intervals.

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Wild Strawberry

This wild fruit grows in the hedgerows and is a lot sweeter than the slightly acidic tasting cultivated variety. After finding one of these in the hedgerow, the remainder of one's walk is totally given to finding more, with the result that I often returned home with a neck pain from having me head turned at right angles to the direction of my walk. County Wexford is one of the major producers of the cultivated variety of strawberries and during summer it is common to see colourfully painted car trailers selling punnets of strawberries on the roadside. Strawberry picking is also a source of pocket money for school children, albeit a difficult way of earning money.

Needless to say the fruit shown above lasted only long enough for this photograph to be taken.



Frockin (I had the flower -inset- displayed here previously) is a tiny but delicious fruit. It grows mostly on the mountain slopes. It is easy to identify anybody who has been eating these fruits, because the juice leaves a stubborn stain on the hands of the picker.

Photo3.jpg (81955 bytes)Common Spotted Orchid

This flower was photographed in Glendalough. It is a beautiful flower found on damp poor soils. It is always a great favourite of children because of its Casper-like (the friendly ghost) face on the petals.

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Spear Thistle

This, the national flower of Scotland also grows profusely in Ireland. So much so that it is on the list of noxious weeds that have to be controlled under pain of prosecution. This, however is an old law and since the advent of herbicides it is no longer the problem that it used to be.