I will display different photographs here at fairly regular intervals.

Rowan (Mountain Ash) near Mt. Leinster


The image above was taken near the Western slopes of Mount Leinster. It shows a Rowan tree carrying a huge crop of bright red berries. Old folk used to take this as a sign of harsh winter to follow. It was said that all the berries were provided to sustain the birds during a harsh winter.


The western slopes of the White Mountain. This is in the same mountain range as Mount Leinster and is about 5 miles south of Mount Leinster. The western side of the range is more barren than the eastern side. I suppose that this is because most of our wind comes from the west.


Frolicking about in the River Slaney during our beautiful summer. It was the first summer for a while that the rivers became warm enough to swim in.


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Yours truly going in off the spring board into the river barrow in Graiguenamanagh -on the Carlow Kilkenny border. As can be seen by the number of boats in the photo, this valley has become popular for boating holidays.