I will display different photographs here at fairly regular intervals.

Pictures from South County Dublin

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Taken near the famous Forty Foot bathing place near Dún Laoghaire. In the background you can see the equally famous Martello Tower where James Joyce lived for a while. The tower was also, in part, an inspiration for his famous literary work; Ulysses.

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More of the coastal scenery of South County Dublin. A lot of these views are also available on the train or DART from Bray to Dublin.
This short train trip is one of my favourtie train journeys in Ireland.


The Forty Foot bathing area, once the preserve of the naked male bather, but some hardy female souls put an end to that a few decades ago.


Another view of the bathing area and tower.


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A hardy swimmer in the Forty Foot just before Christmas. Brrrrr.


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The entrance to the Forty Foot


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...and just to show that it is no longer the sole preserve of the male and I have to observe that he (the man in the water) doesn't look too disgruntled.