I will display different photographs here at fairly regular intervals.

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Passage East
Photo taken from the "stern" of the car ferry.

Passage East (the village above) is on the County Waterford side this estuary, County Wexford is on the other side. This area of Wexford and Waterford is another one of my favourite areas. The scenery is beautiful and very varied. It is also probably amongst some of the first settled places of this area. The whole area has ruins and traditions going back to pre-history.

We are very lucky to have a fine car-ferry crossing this estuary, as otherwise the drive from one side to the other would take almost two hours. Besides there is something very pleasant about using a ferry as part of ones trip.

This estuary -leading to Waterford Harbour- is at the mouths of the rivers known as the "Three Sisters". These rivers are, The Barrow, The Nore and the Suir. These rivers flow through some very interesting and beautiful valleys and I hope to cover some of these areas on this page at a later time.

This estuary also carries a lot of commercial ships, carrying goods to and from the ports of Waterford and New Ross. This traffic doesn't interfere with the beauty of this area, because mother nature has created the estuary in such a way that -because of the tides- it is only open to large ships during certain periods.

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Ballyhack with its prominent Norman Castle is on the Wexford side of the estuary. There is a beautiful drive from here all the way down to the Hook Head, which is at the end of this peninsula.

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The ferry from Ballyhack coming to Passage East. The Norman castle can be seen in the canter of the picture. This ferry runs all year round, except during very severe storms.

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Passage East

This is the view of Passage East just before the ferry arrives in Ballyhack. The ferry trip is only about 5 or 10 minutes long and costs about 5 per car. Good value when one considers the long drive all around.