I will display different photographs here at fairly regular intervals.

St. Patrick's Day Parade

This is the head of the parade, being led by a colour-party and guard of honour of the army reserves. This was our first outing in our DPM (Disruptive pattern material)uniforms. Everything in the army seems to have an an acronym. Word had come from the C.O. in H.Q. the the F.C.A. were to wear the D.P.M.'s. See what I mean? The man with the flag is our Company C.O., Commandant Joe O' Brien. As he is due for retirement before next St. Patrick's Day, this turned out to be his last St. Patrick's Day parade. He had intended to attend the parade in Enniscorthy, but foul weather later in the day led to it's cancellation. It was fortuitous that he volunteered to lead our parade.

The beginnings of the floats and commercial vehicles can be seen in the background. The parade halted in the center of the town for the blessing of the shamrock and it was then distributed to the leaders of the marching groups, before we continued on our way around the town.

Assembly Point

The participants in the parade assembled in the yard of the farmers co-op. Here are the young members of the local soccer club proudly showing off their gear. Behind them other groups organise themselves in preparation for the march.   I always admire the commitment of the adults who give freely of their time to look after the young members of these organisations. Without these people our youngsters would grow up to be much poorer adults.

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The Boys' Brigade


Part of the crowd that lined the streets.

My thanks to James Bodels for the above   images