I will display different photographs here at fairly regular intervals.

Autumn Colours


The image above was taken on Ryland Road Bunclody. The photograph hardly does justice to the lovely colours of the maple trees inside the wall.


Taken on Barkers Road Bunclody. It shows the lovely colours on the edge of the wood called Lucy's wood.


This photo was taken near Rathanna, which is at the opposite side of Mt. Leinster to Bunclody. I often pass by this spot and the stand of trees in the background are almost always green, but the arrival of  autumn reveals the changing colours of the Larch trees in this small wood.


Photo4.jpg (75552 bytes)
Taken on a road in Clohbemen, a few miles from Bunclody. Because of the mild autumn the trees held on to their leaves long enough to produce beautiful colours. The subtle autumn colours are hard to capture on digital photographs suitable for web pages.