I will display different photographs here at fairly regular intervals.

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Blackrock Mountain

This photo was taken during the summer on the eastern slopes of the Blackrock mountain (2000 ft). This is another one of my enjoyable walking places. My dog -Rocky - in in the foreground of this photo and he is going to give himself a fit one of these days because he gets so excited when I get into the gear that I bring up there with me. My home is just to the right of the disused slate quarry. The slate quarry can be seen slightly high and left of center of the photograph. This quarry has not been used in over a hundred years and about 70% of the area is planted with trees. It is a real haven for wildlife and not an eyesore in any respect.

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The Black Ditch

This is the name given to the stone wall that separates the mountainside from the farmed land below this wall. I have walked miles of this wall, because the walking is easy near the wall as opposed to the more difficult walking over rougher ground on the open mountainside. During unsettled weather I don't venture too far from the wall as a hill fog/mist can close in quickly and make walking on the open areas a little treacherous. There are numerous remains of ruined farms just inside this wall; remnants of a time (before the famines of the 1840's) when our population was double what it is now A time when most of the population barely eked out an existence on farms that were too small to provide a proper living.

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Another view from the slopes of the Blackrock mountain. The brighter fields near the top of the picture are fields where silage (a grass type food for cattle) has been recently harvested.

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A beautiful and unusual clump of grass that I came across near the Black ditch.