I will display different photographs here at fairly regular intervals.

Christmas Tree


The image above is of a scene that I didn't expect to be seen in our area again after the passing of Peter Kearns. It is of  local man Liam Kelly with some of his children and nieces and nephews.


This is a photo of Knockroe which is adjacent to Mount Leinster.


A wood just north of Bunclody


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My uncle Frank (a missionary priest in Recife Brazil) with some of the children in one of the crèches that he runs in the slums of this city. The only way that he can get the parent/s of these children to send them to school is to provide a meal for them - an expensive method, but worthwhile. Education is the only hope these children have of avoiding the murder gangs or a life of poverty. Amongst other ways he raises money is through child sponsorship. If any visitor to this site is interested in sponsoring a child, send me an email and I will put you in touch with Fr Frank.
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