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Kilmore Quay

Kilmore Quay is on the southern coast of county Wexford. It is a beautiful fishing village which also has a modern marina. It is, however, mostly famous for its beautiful thatched houses and grand views of the Saltee Islands. Kilmore Quay should not be confused with its neighboring village of Kilmore which is a few miles inland from Kilmore Quay. It is very likely that one would pass through Kilmore on the way to Kilmore Quay; if this be the case, than it is worth noting the numerous small wooden crosses loosely stacked under a couple of Hawthorn trees in this village. This is surely a practice going back to pagan times as the Hawthorn was held sacred in pre-Christian times. It is most likely that the early missionaries persuaded the locals to use crosses rather than whatever pagan offerings were being used before their arrival.

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Another beautiful example of the numerous thatched houses common in Kilmore Quay. These houses are protected by legislation and maintenance is state aided.

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The lightship Guillemot (above) is now used as a maritime museum in Kilmore Quay and can be visited for a very small charge. There is a wealth of maritime memorabilia on board.

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The famous Saltee Islands.

These islands are steeped in history, from being a smugglers "warehouse" to a hiding place for some of the leaders of the 1798 rebellion. Incidentally, these leaders were betrayed and later hanged from Wexford bridge. In recent times the island has been under the control of the Irish Wildbird Conservancy. There is an abandoned dwelling house on the bigger island.

There are daily trips to the island during fair weather in summer months. Also there is good fishing around the islands. Boat hire can be arranged locally.