I will display different photographs here at fairly regular intervals.

Pictures from near Bunclody

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A recent night of song and storytelling in the Half Way House Pub near Bunclody. Pat Armstrong (at door) is about to get things underway.


Some of the locals enjoying the great craic.


Some more locals including Pat Kavanagh, probably one of the Pubs oldest regulars.


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Some of the guest entertainers, with one of them singing "Seven Spanish Angles"


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Some more of the guests entertaining us in fine form.


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An image that tells a lot about the sort of clientele in this pub.
Three card players have gone outside for a cigarette and left their money unguarded on the table.

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Tom Hippwell entertaining us with one of his old and unusual songs.
On his right is Andy Doyle perhaps one of our greatest deliverers of witty recitations. He had us all bursting with laughter many times during the night.