I will display different photographs here at fairly regular intervals.

Pictures from near Bunclody

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Courtown in North East Wexford


Ferns, Cowparsley and Bluebells near the head of river Clody


Small rural road at the foot of Mount Leinster


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Kilpatrick Point and dunes in near the Wexford/ Wicklow border


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Between Kilmichael Point and Kilpatrick Point in NE Wexford
Effects of sand dune erosion. This area had a larger pond and the rest was green grasses and sedges only a few years ago.


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Kilmichael  Point in NE Wexford. Looking towards Arklow and County Wicklow

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Here is the eroding dune that was starting to fill in the pond that we saw earlier. The grasses that you see in the foreground are essential for binding the sands of these dunes. The damage to these grasses by Quadbiking and other such activities are partly to blame for for this damage. I saw signs prohibiting the use of such traffic at the entrance, but a few hundred meters further on I saw Quadbike tracks.