I will display different photographs of places near Bunclody,
County Wexford here at fairly regular intervals.

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Italy and Switzerland

This is Riva del Garda on the northern shore of Lake Garda in Northern Italy. In the background are the impressive Italian Alps. This area with a summer temperature of around 80 to 85F is very pleasant and attracts a lot of tourists. In the winter it attracts tourists of a different type, because it is used as a base for some of the nearby ski slopes.  A beautiful place with helpful and easygoing locals who never seem to get into a tizzy.

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This is as high as I have ever been, except in a plane. As you can see this pass is 2330  metres (nearly 8000 feet) above sea level. Our hired car had air-conditioning and when we stepped out in our summer-wear it seemed very cold. In the background is a glacier. It was a long drive up here but well worthwhile.

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Here is a view of the unusual city of Venice. It has canals instead of streets and it is very difficult to get around without using a water bus or expensive water taxi. It is well worth a visit, but very expensive to eat near the center of the city.

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Beautiful valley in Northern Italy

This is a typical example of the remote valleys on each side of the Italian/ Swiss border.
By the way, we had no trouble with the different currency in Switzerland. They gladly accepted the Euro in any of the places we visited. However, in the absence of another Swiss language, a few Italian or German phrases helps in this part of Switzerland. i.e. in the places bordering Austria and Italy.

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Musical Cattle

This was taken in a beautiful valley and it was full of grazing cattle. They all had bells and as they grazed the bells created pleasant and peaceful sound.