I will display different photographs here at fairly regular intervals.

Autumn around Bunclody
   (Fall for my transatlantic visitors)

Some years the autumn colours around Bunclody are very striking. The colours depend on weather conditions. Early frosts can contribute to wonderful colours, but if a strong wind comes after the frost, then most of the colour is lost in the leaf fall. This was not one of the really good years, because of lack of frost. The leaves turned gradually and therefore there wasn't the instant impact that is created by sudden change. What I most noticed about this autumn was the sunrises and sunsets. Because of the good autumn weather we have had, our skies have been clear and allowed for some beautiful autumn weather.

The above picture is taken of a place called the race course (a name with origins in the distant past), on the outskirts of Bunclody. It was taken in the morning and a little bit of logical deduction will reveal that the photographer was facing Northwest. Because of the limitations of picture size used on WebPages, some of the wonderful sky colour was lost, but enough remains to give a hint of what it was really like.



Sunrise in my back garden. Again I have lost most of the detail that I tried to capture. It was taken just after sunrise and on a really bracing sort of morning. There was no frost, but nonetheless because of the cold air, people were walking around like dragons, due the our warm breaths condensing suddenly on hitting the cold air.


Taken from my front garden looking towards Mt. Leinster. The early morning sun created a pinkish tinge on the landscape.


Here the clear air and blue sky cause the river Slaney to stand out strikingly on the autumn landscape.