I will display different photographs here at fairly regular intervals.


Commodore John Barry. (1745?-1803).

This is a picture of Crescent Quay in Wexford town. In the center is the statue of John Barry. This Wexford born man should be no stranger to to my USA visitors. He is know as the father of the US Navy. He went to sea as a boy and eventually made his home in Philadelphia. In the revolutionary war he was the first man to be given the commission of captain and was given command of the Lexington. He had outstanding success as commander of this ship and later as commander of a war ship. In 1794 he was named Senior Captain, the highest rank in the fledgling American navy of the time.

Leaving my natural bias aside, Wexford town is one of my favourite towns. This old Viking town is my favourite place to shop -outside of Bunclody-. It has lovely old narrow streets with modern shops and restaurants. I could not do justice by trying to list all the historical places of interest, but a good starting place would be the beautifully restored Town Hall and nearby walls from a period when a town needed walls as part of their defenses. From there I would suggest a leisurely walk down the narrow (and partly pedestrianized ) main street to the Tourist office on Crescent Quay. While on Crescent Quay make sure to visit the magnificently restored promenade with it fine views of Wexford Harbour and Raven Point beyond.

Close to "The Raven" is the North Slob. This is an area reclaimed from the sea and a well known wintering ground for Canada geese, Brent geese and lots of other water fowl.  

Also close by is the National Heritage Park and Ferrycarrig bridge with its fabulous views of the Slaney estuary, Norman tower and Early Christian Round-Tower.

I will finish by saying that Wexford town has lots to offer and certainly will not disappoint.

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Train crossing the bridge on Cresent Quay.

The John Barry statue can be seen about two-thirds way over, on the right.

If time allows, why not take this train to Rosslare Strand. Or if you are lucky enough you might catch the once-yearly steam train that runs this route. A word of advice if you do get the chance to travel backward in time on the lovely old steam train, don't stick your head out of the window, or you will end up looking like the engineer with his sooted face.

An amusing incident as I waited for this ancient train one year; a platform announcement was made to say that the steam train was delayed because the regular diesel-powered train traveling in front of it had been having problem. Sure enough, about an hour late, the steam train arrived with the modern train nowhere in sight.

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The promenade on Wexford's Quay.


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Looking North from Cresent Quay.