Parish of Bunclody (Newtownbarry)


Name of Priest Appointed Died Retired Re - Appointed
Rev. John Doyle 1794 Died 5th May, 1825    
Rev. Edward Cullen May 1825 Died 7th May, 1834    
Rev. James Walsh 9th May 1834   P.P. New Ross, 14th Sept, 1849
Rev. Francis Wafer 14th Sept. 1849 Died 20th July, 1866    
Rev. John Doyle (2nd) 1st January, 1867 Died 9th June, 1888 Resigned September, 1870
Rev. Thomas Busher September 1870 Died 6th March, 1907    
Rev. Wm. Canon Whitty 5th April, 1907 Died 21st July, 1914    
Rev. Aidan Forrestal 15th Aug, 1914   P.P. Ferns, 23rd December, 1924
Rev. John Butler 23rd Dec, 1924 Died 20th Oct, 1936    
Rev. Joseph Wadding 4th May, 1953 Died 1st Jan, 1973    
Rev. Richard Breen 2nd April, 1973      
Rev Aidan G. Jones        


Rev. J. Stafford 1794 1812    
Rev. Edward Cullen 1814   P.P. Marshalstown (Bunclody) May 1825
Rev. James Browne     (Bishop of Kilmore) 1812--1814
Rev. Joseph Fanning     To Tintern, 6th Sept. 1820
Rev. Thomas Busher Sept. 1820   To Tagoat 1st Aug. 1823
Rev. James Walsh 1st Aug. 1823 P.P. Bunclody 9th May 1834 P.P. New Ross, 14th Sept. 1849
Rev. William Roche 1825   To Oulart, 10th June 1827
Rev. Eugune Dempsey June 1827   C.C. Hook, 28th February, 1835
Rev. Walter Furlong 15th Jan. 1829    
Rev. Pierce Redmond 10th Oct. 1830 Died August 1831  
Rev. Patrick Dempsey October, 1831 February, 1836  
Rev. William Codd 1st August, 1834   C.C. Hook, 28th February, 1835
Rev. John Keating 28th Feb,1835   To Rathangan, 12th Oct. 1836
Rev. Francis Wafer February, 1836   P.P. Bunclody, 14th Sept., 1849
Rev. Richard Barry 12th Oct, 1836   P.P. Ballygarret, Easter 1857
Rev. James Parle 14th Sep, 1849    
Rev.Thos. Warren 12th Aug, 1851    
Rev. Walter Sinnott 31st Jan., 1854   C.C. Camolin 25th Sept. 1854
Rev. John D. Hore 25th Sept., 1854   Adm. Oulart, Jan. 1863
Rev. Thomas Sheridan 14th April, 1857   To Hook, January 1858
Rev. James Parle 2 January 1858   Emigrated to Australia Feb. 186
Rev. James Waddick 7th March, 1858   C.C. Gorey, Oct. 1858
Rev. George Rickard October 1858   C.C. Oulart, Jan. 1861
Rev. Andrew O'Farrell January 1861   P.P. Tintern, June 1876
Rev. John Doran 7th Feb., 1862 Died 1st Jan, 1864  
Rev. Nicholas Hore January 1863   To Rathangan, 4th Sept., 1864
Rev. John D. Hore 20th Jan. 1864   C.C. Cleariestown, Oct. 1870
Rev. Patrick Kelly 4th Sept. 1864   To Camolin, April 1869
Rev. James Power April 1869 Died June 1883  
Rev. John Furlong October 1870   C.C. Riverchapel, Oct. 1873
Rev. Nicholas Harpur October 1873   To Camolin, May 1875
Rev. N. Fanning May 1875   Left Sept. 1875 with Dr. Rickards
Rev. James Maddock Sept. 1875   To Enniscorthy, May 1876
Rev. John Corish May 1876   P.P. Ballymore, 8th May, 1897
Rev. Peter Doyle Sept. 1875   To Sutton's Parish, Sept. 1881
Rev. James Maddock Sept. 1881   To Newbawn, Feb. 1885
Rev. John Lyng February 1885   C.C. Askamore, Mar. 1890
Rev. James Murphy August 1883   P.P. Marshalstown, 20th Aug. 1899
Rev. Michael Kinsella 1890   To Ballygarrett, Feb. 1891
Rev. James Kenny 1891 Died 5th Jan., 1904  
Rev. Peter Somers May1897   C.C. Monaseed, Sept. 1898
Rev. Thomas Byrne Sept. 1898   C.C. Tacumshane, May 1900
Rev. Nicholas Mernagh August 1899   P.P. Ballyoughter, 2nd Oct., 1909
Rev. Richard Doyle June 1900   To Adamstown, 24th Aug., 1902
Rev. Patrick Parker 24th Aug, 1902   P.P. Cushenstown, 16th May, 1919
Rev. Matthew Wallace 6th Jan., 1903   C.C. Raheen, 20th Sept. 1908
Rev. Isaac Scallan 10th Jan., 1904   C.C. St. Leonard's 6th Apr., 1907
Rev. Richard Gaul January 1908   To Annacurra, Jan. 1916
Rev. Pierce Power 20th Sept., 1908   Adm. Davidstown, 9th Oct., 1921
Rev. Robert Fitzhenry 4th Oct. 1909    
Rev. James Darcy 20th Jan. 1916   To Kilrush, August 1916
Rev. John O'Brien May 1916   C.C. Gorey, 16th Sept., 1933
Rev. Kevin Doyle 16th May, 1919   To Kilanerin 6th May, 1928
Rev. Thomas Crowe 15th Oct., 1921   Resigned (health) May 1922
Rev. John Cullen 10th June, 1922   C.C. Tinahely, 18th July, 1924
Rev. Nicholas Moran 18th July, 1924   Died 15th July, 1941
Rev. James Quigley 6th May, 1919   Died 22nd Feb., 1952
Rev. William Hanton 16th Sept., 1933   To Glynn, 7th Nov., 1935
Rev. William Flood 7th Nov., 1935   To Glenbrien, 9th June, 1947
Rev. Patrick Murphy 9th June, 1947   Resigned 9th July, 1955
Rev. Maurice Tobin 28th Feb., 1952   P.P. Ballymore, 10th Jan., 1966
Rev.Thomas Curtis 2nd Sept., 1955   C.C. Murrintown, 3rd Sept., 1956
Rev. John McCarthy 3rd Sept., 1956   C.C. Blackwater, 9th Jan., 1965
Rev. Aidan Jones 9th Jan., 1965   To Higher Studies, 8th Sept., 1967
Rev. James Byrne 10th Jan., 1966   C.C. Gorey, 31st August, 1981
Rev. Liam Jordan 8th Sept., 1967   C.C. Galbally, 16th Sept., 1968
Rev. Aidan Jones 16th Sept., 1968   C.C. Castledockrill, 2nd April, 1973
Rev. James Ryan 12th June, 1972   PP Riverchapel
Rev. Francis Staffordt, 1981 31st Augus   C.C. Boolavogue, 15th Sept., 1984
Rev. Peter O'Connor 15th Sept., 1984    
Rev. Richard Lawless      
Rev. Francis Stafford