Some Biographical Pen - Pictures


Very Rev. Francis Wafer, P.P.

Ordained September, 1832. Appointed C.C. Bunclody, February 1836. Appointed P.P. Bunclody, 14th September, 1849. Died 20th July, 1866. Interred in the old Church at Marshalstown

Rev. Richard Barry

The information in "The People", Sat. 4th March, 1865 is "Of your charity pray foe the soul of Rev. Richard Barry P.P., Ballygarrett who died on Sat. 25th February, 1865, in the 59th year of his age and the 32nd of his sacred ministry.

Very Rev. James Archdeacon Walsh, P.P., Our Lady's Island

Educated at Carlow College. Ordained in June 1816 by Bishop Ryan. Built four churches - Kilmyshall, Castledockrell, Newtownbarry and Our Lady's Island. Died Monday 8th June, 1863 - 52 years a priest. Interred in the northern aisle of Our Lady's Island Church at the foot of Our Lady's alter.

Rev. Patrick Kelly, C.C. Camolin

"The People" sat., 21st September, 1872. 2Rev. Patrick Kelly, C.C., Camolin, died suddenly yesterday on the Murrough of Wicklow, where he had been for the good of his health. He was in his usual health up to 6 o' clock, when he came to his lodgings, and after taking his tea fell of the sofa, and died from disease of the heart. He was a native of Enniscorthy and had been curate in Camolin for 5 years".

Rev. James Maddock

Born at Wexford 1849. Educated at St. Peter's and Louvain University. Ordained in 1873 by Dr. Furlong. Appointed to Newtownbarry in 1875. Appointed to Enniscorthy in 1877. Appointed to Newtownbarry in 1882. Died C.C., Raheen on Sat. 14th Nov., 1885. Interred in left aisle of Church of the Immaculate Conception, Wexford, near the Sacristy door.

Rev. Nicholas Harpur C.C., Clongeen

"The People", 6th March 1880. "The month's mind for Rev. Nicholas W. Harpur took place on Thursday in the Chapel of Clongeen where his remains are interred". The date of his death was 5th. February, 1880.

Rev. James Kenny

Born at Ballyconlan, Askamore, 1864. Educated St. Peter's and maynooth. Ordained in St. Peter's 18th. January, 1891. Died in Kilmyshall Tuesday, 5th. January, 1904. Interred in the precincts of Kilmyshall Church.

Rev. Michael Kinsella

Resigned as C.C. Poulpeasty, March 1921

Rev. Richard Barry

Appointed to Bunclody parish 12th October, 1836. Appointed P.P. Ballygarrett, Easter 1857. Died Saturday, 27th February, 1865 in both years of his age and 33rd of his ministry.

Rev. Thomas Warren

Ordained 14th. June, 1851. C.C. Bunclody Sept. 1854. Adm., Oulart 19th. Jan. 1863. C.C. Bunclody 19th January, 1864. C.C. Cleariestown Oct. 1870. C.C. Oulaut Oct. 1874. C.C. Monegeer April 1884. C.C. Suttons Dec. 1886. Registered January, 1892. Died 16th Nov. 1909.

Rev. John D. Hore

Ordained in Dublin Easter1854. C.C. Bunclody Sept. 1854. Adm., Oulart 19th. January, 1864. C.C. Cleariestown Oct. 1870. C.C. Oulart Oct. 1874. C.C. Monegeer April 1884. C.C. Suttons Dec. 1886. Registered January, 1892. Died 16th

Nov. 1909.

Rev. Thomas Sheridan

Ordained 26th May, 1839. C.C. Bunclody 14th April, 1851. C.C. The Hook January, 1858. C.C. Oylgate 21st October, 1860. P.P. Oylgate 28th Feb., 1865. Died 7th Dec., 1870, aged 55 years and in the 32nd years of his priesthood.

Rev. James Waddick

A native of Oulart. Born 1835. Ordained in the Cathedral, Enniscorthy 26th Feb., 1858. C.C. Bunclody 7th . March, 1858. C.C. Gorey Oct. 1858. He also served in Ballymitty and Annacurra. Died Sunday 22nd. March, 1891 in his 56th years.

Rev. George Rickards

A native of Wexford town. Ordained 18th Oct., 1858. C.C. Suttons 2nd. March 1862. Retired and became Chaplain to Loreto Convent, Wexford for over 30 years. Died in William St, Wexford 31st July, 1900.

Rev. John O'Brien

Native of Forrestalstown, Clonroche. Educated at the Irish College, Paris. Ordained at St. Peter's 14th. May, 1916. Sept. 1933. P.P. Bannow 29th. April, 1950. Died 3rd Feb. 1970, aged 80.

Rev. Sylvester Cullen

Born at Blackwater in 1876. Educated at St. Peter's and The Irish College, Paris. Ordained 24th. March 1901 at Wexford. C.C. Marshalstown 1916. P.P. Our Lady's Island 8th Dec., 1928. Died 25th. April, 1941.

Rev. Thomas Crowe

Native of Cullentra, Camolin. Ordained at St. Peter's 25th. May, 1907. C.C. Bunclody 15th. Oct. 1921. Resigned through ill health May 1922. C.C. Bannow 4th Sept., 1944. Died C.C. Bannow, Friday 18th April, 1952.

Rev. Richard Doyle

Ordained at Waterford in June 1894. Appointed C.C. Bunclody June 1900. C.C. Adamstown August, 1902. Resigned April 1908.

Rev. Patrick Parker

Appointed C.C. Bunclody January 1902. P.P. Cushinstown May 1919. Died 19th Sept., 1948.

Rev. Matthew Wallace

A native of Grange, Rathnure. Appointed C.C. Bunclody Jan. 1903. C.C. Raheen Sept. 1908. C.C. Clongeen June 1920. C.C. Caim May 1921. C.C. Terrerath August 1929. C.C. Adamstown November 1936. P.P. Horeswood April 1955. Died 12th December, 1961.

Rev. Isaac Scallan

Appointed C.C. Bunclody January, 1904. C.C. St. Leonards April 1907. Died 29th Oct. 1948.

Rev. Richard Gaul

Appointed Bunclody January,1908. C.C. Annacurra January 1916. C.C. Ferns May 1916. Broke his leg in an accident May 1922. Retired April 1923. Appointed C.C. Tacumshane April 1930. P.P. Bree February, 1939. Died 3rd November, 1956.

Rev. James Parle

Appointed C.C. Enniscorthy September 1840. C.C. Bunclody September 1849. He went to Australia to collect funds to build the F.C.J. Convent. He fell from a horse and died in Melbourne, Australia, 29th March, 1870, in his 58th year.

Rev. Andrew O'Farrell

Appointed C.C. Bunclody January 1861. P.P. Tintern June 1876. Died 11th May 1889.

Rev. John Doran

Born 1827. Studied at St. Peter's and The Irish College, Paris. Ordained June 1857. Appointed Professor St. Peter's in Nov. 1857. Appointed C.C. Bunclody February, 1862.

Rev. Nicholas Hore

A native of Mountpill, Kilmore. Educated at St. Peter's and Maynooth. Ordained 1858. Appointed C.C. Bunclody January, 1863. C.C. Rathangan Sept. 1864. C.C. Bannow October 1870. C.C. Gorey August 1873. P.P. Tintern 1875. P.P. Adamstown 1876. P.P. Rathangan 1887. Died Monday 5th Feb. 1905.

Rev. John A. Cullen

A native of New Ross. Educated at C.B.S. New Ross and St. Peter's. Ordained by Dr. Codd May 1921. Appointed C.C. Castkedockrell June 1922. Died as C.C. Screen on Tuesday 15th. Sept. 1953.

Rev. Nicholas Moran

A native of Mulgannon, Wexford. Educated at St. Peter's and Maynooth. Ordained in Maynooth on 28th April, 1918 and appointed Professor at St. Peter's. Appointed C.C. Castledockrell July 1924. Died 24th July, 1941.

Rev. James Quigley

A native of Monamolin, Rathnure. Educated at St. Peter's. Ordained by Dr. Hackett at Waterford on 15th. June, 1922. Appointed P.P. Kilmyshall May 1928. Died at St. Brigid's Private Hospital, Carlow on Friday 22nd. Feb. 1952.

Rev. John Lyng

A native of Old Court, Whitechurch. Educated at St. Peter's and St. Patrick's College, Carlow. Ordained in The Cathedral, Enniscorthy on 4th Nov. 1877. Appointed C.C. Askamore March 1890. C.C. Ferns Feb. 1892. P.P. Tagoat Sept. 1893. Appointed P.P. Clongeen Aug. 1901. Died 20th. August, 1911.

Rev. Thomas O'Byrne

A native of New Ross. A brother of V. Rev. Mark O'Byrne P.P., Ballindaggan. Educated at St. Peter's and Maynooth. Ordained 1898. Appointed C.C. Bunclody Sept. 1898. C.C. Tacumshane May 1900. D.R.I. June 1911. Died as P.P. of Piercestown on 2nd Feb. 1938.

Rev. Nicholas Mernagh

A native of Davidstown. Educated at St' Aidan's Academy, Enniscorthy; St. Peter's and The Irish College, Paris where he was ordained 9th June, 1899. Appointed P.P. Ballyoughter Oct. 1909. Died in a Dublin nursing Home on Monday 5th April, 1937.

Rev. Peter Somers

Educated at St. Peter's and Salsmanca. Ordained in 1897. Appointed C.C. Bunclody May 1897. C.C. Monaseed Sept. 1898. C.C. Carroreigh April 1900. Retired 14th. Oct. 1900. Died at his mother's residence Limbrick, Sat. 25th. June, 1902. Interred in Kilanerin.

Rev. James Maddock

Appointed C.C. Bunclody Sept., 1875. C.C. Enniscorthy May 1876. C.C. Bunclody Sept. 1881. C.C. Newbawn Feb. 1885. Died 14th Nov. 1885.

Rev. John Corish

A native of Lough (Harveystown). Educated at St. Peter's and The Irish College, Rome. Ordained in 1876 at Enniscorthy. Appointed C.C. Bunclody May 1876. Appointed P.P. Ballymore May 1897. Died on Sunday, 31st. July, 1904, aged 55 years.

Rev. Peter Doyle

Appointed C.C. Bunclody 1875. C.C. Sutton's Sept. 1881. C.C. Raheen Nov. 1886. P.P. Rathnure May 1897. Died 3rd July 1916. Interred in Taghmon.

Rev. James Murphy

Native of Ardcavan, Castlebridge. Appointed C.C. Bunclody Sept. 1875. P.P. Marshalstown Aug. 1899. P.P. Craanford Aug. 1901. Died 23rd March 1924, aged 68 years.

Rev. Patrick Kelly

Appointed C.C. Bunclody Sept. 1864. C.C. Camolin April 1869. Died 1872.

Rev. James Power

Appointed C.C. Bunclody April 1869. Died June 1883.

Rev. John Furlong

Appointed C.C. Bunclody Oct. 1870. C.C. Riverchapel Oct. 1873. P.P. Balltgarret Oct. 1884. Died 9th July, 1900.

Rev. Nicholas Harpur

Ordained 1864. Appointed C.C. Bunclody 1873. C.C. Camolin May 1875. C.C. Clongeen 1876. Died 4th Feb. 1880, aged 40 years. Interred in Clongeen Church.

Rev. Nicholas Fanning

A native of Wexford. Appointed C.C. Bunclody May 1875. Left for South Africa with Rev. Dr. Richards, Sept. 1875. Retired due to ill health. Died in St. Vincent's Hospital, Dublin, Oct. 1906.

Rev. Pierce Power

Native of Balltcullane. Educated at St. Peter's and Salamanca. Ordained in Wexford 8th. March 1896. Appointed C.C. Bunclody Sept. 1908. Appointed Adm., Davidstown on Thursday 9th. Feb. 1945.

Rev. James Darcy

A native of Annagh, Inch. Educated at St. Peter's and Maynooth. Ordained 19th. June 1910. Appointed C.C. Bunclody Jan. 1916. C.C. Kilrush August 1916. C.C. Ferns May 1930. C.C. Kiltealy Feb. 1931. P.P. Killaveney May 1945. Died 25th Nov. 1969, aged 85.

Rev. Kevin Doyle

A native of Arklow. Ordained at St. Peter's 14th June 1914. Appointed C.C. Kilmyshall May 1919. C.C. Kilanerin May 1928. Incardinated into the Diocese of Rapid City, U.S.A. Sept. 1932. Retired 1964. Died 17th April 1966.

Rev. Maurice Tobin

A native of Kiltealy. Educated at St. Peter's and Maynooth. Ordained Maynooth 4th June 1932. Appointed to The House of Missions June 1932. 1935 - Chaplain to Edermine House. 1937 - Spiritual Director to St. Peter's 1940 - House of Missions. Appointed C.C. Kilmyshall Feb. 1952. P.P. Ballymore Jan. 1966. P.P. Monegeer Nov. 1972. Retired Sept. 1982. Presently living in Mohurry, Kiltealy.

Rev. Joseph Wadding

A native of Glynn. Educated at St. Peter's and Ordained in 1921. Appointed to Canning Town, London, August 1921. Appointed to Cathedral, Enniscorthy August 1922. P.P. Bunclody May 1953. Died 1st Jan. 1973. Interred in the New Cemetery.

Rev. Thomas Curtis

A native of New Ross. Ordained st. Peter's June 1955. Appointed C.C. Bunclody, Aug. 1955. C.C. Murrintown, Sept. 1956. C.C. Riverchapel, Dec. 1975. P.P. Kilaveney, June.

Rev. John McCarthy

A native of Ballymoney, Gorey. Educated at St. Peter's. Ordained 12th April, 1953. Appointed C.C. Annacurra April 1953. C.C. Blackwater Jan. 1965. C.C. Rathgarogue Sept. 1973. P.P. Carnew June 1977.

Rev. Richard J. Breen

A native of Wexford. Educated at Wexford C.B.S., St. Peter's and Maynooth. Ordained at Maynooth 22nd. June 1947. Appointed to The House of Missions, Enniscorthy Sept. 1947. C.C. Castledockrell October 1967. P.P. Bunclody April 1973. V.G. Dec. 1987.

Rev. Aidan G. Jones

A native of Kilanerin. Educated at St. Peter's. Ordained at Maynooth, 21st June 1964. Appointed C.C. Kilrush July 1964. C.C. Bunclody January 1965. Higher Studies in England Sept. 1967. C.C. Bunclody Sept. 1968. Higher Studies, Chicago U.S.A. June 1972. C.C. Castledockrell April 1973. C.C. Riverchapel June 1980.

Rev. James Byrne

A native of Dunmain, Campile. Educated at St. Peter's. Ordained 5th June 1960. Appointed C.C. Rathgarogue June 1960. C.C. Poulfur May 1962. C.C. Gorey Sept. 1981. C.C. Ballykelly Feb. 1983. P.P. Kilrush July 1986.

Rev. Liam Jordan

A native of Ballindaggan. Educated at St. Peter's. Ordained 2nd. June 1963. Appointed Sair. Birbingham Sept. 1963. C.C. Bunclody Sept. 1967. C.C. Galbally Sept. 1968. C.C. Mt. St. Oliver, Dundalk Sept. 1967. C.C. Coolfancy July 1977.

Rev. Francis Stafford

A native of Monegeer. Educated at Enniscorthy C.B.S. and St. Peter's. Ordained 1st June 1975. Appointed to Dublin Marriage Tribunal Sept. 1975. Higher Studies in Rome Sept. 1976. Dublin Archdiocese Oct. 1978. C.C. Bunclody Aug. 1981. C.C. Boolavogue Sept. 1984.