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(This cemetery is recorded by Brian Cantwell under date of May 1980. He says "This graveyard is now closed…. This graveyard is remarkable for the number of monuments within iron railed enclosures. The majority of the memorials have inscriptions on two or more sides and some record that this is the family of such and such family".

No.1 Breen

In loving memory of LAURENCE BREEN Mandoran died April 15th 1910 aged 86yrs and his daughter CATHERINE KAVANAGH died July 8th 1917 aged 47yrs and his wife MARGARET BREEN died July 8th 1921 aged 87yrs and his son MICHAEL died Jan 12th 1939 aged 75yrs and his daughter MARGARET died Dec11th 1943 aged 73yrs and his daughter MARY died Dec 15th 1943 aged 73yrs and his son THOMAS died may 5th 1944 aged 75yrs PATRICK died June 11th 1956 aged 84yrs and his daughters BRIDGET COWMAN died Feb 25th 19956 aged 82yrs EILEEN BREEN died Dec 29th 1961.

No.2 Breen

In loving memory of MICHAEL BREEN Ballyphilip, died Feb 25th 1969 aged 77yrs also his parents PETER and MARIA also his brothers PATRICK and JAMES. R.I.P. Erected by his nephew Patrick Kearns.


Uninscribed flag

No.4 Harris/Stacey

Erected by Margaret Michals in memory of her father WILLIAM COUGHLAN Newtownbarry who died 1874 aged 70yrs also her brother WILLIAM who died 1855 aged 30yrs also her brother PATRICK died 4th January 1876 aged40yrs also the above MARGARET MICHALS died April 7th 1898 aged 66yrs also ANNE HARRIS died June 10th 1946 aged 86yrs JOHN died August 9th 1962 aged 71yrs KATIE died Sept 4th 1964 aged 78yrs JANE STACEY died Jan 10th 1966 aged 67yrs. R.I.P.


Unmarked grave

No.6 Cox.

In loving memory of PETER COX Gurteen died Dec 31st 1954 aged 52yrs and his father HENRY COX died Oct 12th 1933 aged 78yrs and his mother CATHERINE COX died March 16th 1951 aged 94yrs and his brother JOHN COX died Nov 17th 1951 aged 72yrs. R.I.P.

No.7 Doyle

Erected by James Doyle Ballypreacas in loving memory of his wife MARY DOYLE died April 27th 1919 aged 68 years. Also his daughter ANNIE MURPHY died May 24th 1919 aged 30 years also his brother JAMES DOYLE died July 3rd 1939 aged 82 years. His son LAURENCE died Augt 27th 1942 aged 60 years

No. 8

In loving memory of ANNE DOYLE Ballypracus. Died April 24th 1932 aged 76 years. And her daughter MARY DOYLE died Dec 22nd 1949 aged 66 years. And her son MICHAEL DOYLE died Jan 19th 1956 aged 64 years also her daughter JOHANNA died Sep. 28th 1968 aged 82 years.

No. 9

Unmarked grave

No. 10 Patriots of 1798

God save Ireland erected to the memory of the patriots of '98 A.D. 1875. May they rest in Peace. Amen.

No. 11 McCormack

MARGARET MCORMICK died Feb 13th 1958 her mother MARY SOMMERS died March 22nd 1967 aged 80 years. This headstone PEGGY is my last little gift to my pleasant young wife since I have lost my faithful partner I lead a sad lonely life.

No. 12 Doyle

Erected by JOSEPH DOYLE, Killanure in memory of his wife ANNE DOYLE who depd this life Decr. 18th 1899 aged 77 years also the above JOSEPH DOYLE who died July 19th 1907 aged 81 years also their daughter BRIDGET FOLEY, Cashel died Dec 2nd 1927 aged 68 years.

No. 13

Unmarked grave

No. 14 Hogan

In loving memory of MARTIN and ANNE HOGAN and family.

No. 15 Doyle

Erected to the memory of MAURICE DOYLE Ballinavocran died April 24th 1916 aged 63 years his wife ANNIE DOYLE died June 9th 1920 aged 64 years also his aunt MARGARET DOYLE died Jan 20th 1912 aged 103 years his grandson MAURICE J. DOYLE died March 24th 1926 aged 2 years his son PATRICK DOYLE Bolinahaney died Sept 16th 1952 aged 62 years his son ANDREW DOYLE died April 19th 1955 aged 72 yrs.


Uninscribed flag

No.17 Curran

Thy will be done erected by MRS. ANNIE CURRAN 22 Bolton Street Dublin in loving memory of her husband PETER CURRAN who died May 11th 1928 aged 57 years also her father JAMES SINNOTT died Feb 10th 1916 aged 71 years and her mother ANNIE SINNOTT died March 25th 1927 aged 64 years also her grandson PETER HOOLAHAN died Sept. 1st 1947 aged 2 months and her grand - daughter ANNE JOSEPHINE CURRAN died 5th Feb 1950 aged 2 years 8 months also the above ANNIE CURRAN died 21st March 1966 aged 77 years.

No.18 Gahan

Erected by JOHN GAHAN in memory of his father THOMAS GAHAN who died June 14th 1836 aged 38 years and his mother JULIA GAHAN who died April 3rd 1909 aged 72 years also the above JOHN GAHAN who died March 12th 1910 aged 77 years.


Unmarked grave

No. 20 Bolger

Erect,d by Brian Bolger of Ntbarry in memory of his wife MARY BOLGER who depd this life Jany 21st, 1844 ag'd 66 yrs

No. 21 O'Neill

In loving memory of JOHN O' NEILL Glasslackin who died Nov 2nd 1905 aged 81 years and his wife MARY O' NEILL died Aug 21st 1915 aged 80 years also their daughters MARY died April 11th 1887 aged 24 years ELIZABETH died June 15th 1890 aged 24 years MARGARET died May 11th 1898 aged 22 years and their grand-son PATRICK died Dec 27th 1918 aged 13 years.

No. 22 Wall

In loving memory of EDWARD WALL Bunclody also his wife MARGARET and his son EDWARD and his son JOHN died Sep 23rd 1944 and his daughter MARY WALL died Sep 25th 1954 and his daughter JANE WALL died June 6th 1961 and his daughter CATHERINE WALL died Jan 1st 1962. Sacred heart of Jesus have mercy on their souls.


Unmarked grave

No.24 Byrne

God is love sacred to the memory of JOSEPH BYRNE Boolynovoughran died Dec 28th 1936 also his daughter BRIDGET died Nov 23rd 1910 also his wife ELLEN BYRNE died May 5th 1947 aged 69 years also his daughter CATHERINE SOMERS died Sep 23rd 1975 aged 70 years also his son MICHAEL BYRNE died Nov 7th 1985 aged 77 years.

No.25 Dempsey

In loving memory of our dear Nana KATE DEMPSEY also her beloved brother JOHN JORDAN Main St.


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No. 28

Unmarked stone

No. 29 Brennan

Erected by Stephen Brennan in memory of his father MATTHEW BRENNAN Gurteen who died February 5th 1889 aged 72 years also his sister ANNIE died may 9th 1870 aged 9 years also his mother ANNE BRENNAN died August 26th 1894 aged 70 years.

No. 30 Clear

Erected by Jane Clear Newtownbarry in memory of her husband PATRICK CLEAR who died November 10th 1869 aged 28 years also the above JANE CLEAR who died December 30th 1898 aged 75 years.

No. 31 Byrne

Erected by Michael Byrne in memory of his son EDWARD BYRNE who departed this life June 4th 1886 aged 2 years.

No. 32 Connors

Sacred to the memory of DENIS CONNORS Ryland who died Decr. 25th 1891aged 80 years also his wife MARGARET CONNORS died Sept 9th 1899 aged 68 years also their son MYLES who died August 17th 1882 aged 24 years and daughter MARGARET died august 24th 1895 aged 22 years.

No.33 Fortune

Erected by Moses Fortune Gurteen in loving memory of his son JOSEPH FORTUNE who died August 8th 1913 aged 22 years also his father - in - law WILLIAM BYRNE who died Dec 8th 1876 aged 60 36 years also his wife MARGARET FORTUNE who died Nov 26th 1926 aged 71 years also the above MOSES FORTUNE died Oct 5th 1939 aged 90 years and his daughter - in - law BRIDGET FORTUNE died Aug 8th 1951 aged 70 years also his sons WILLIAM FORTUNE died April 29th 1955 aged 74 years JAMES died may 26th 1959 aged 63 years

No.34 Sheil

Loving memory of MICHAEL SHEIL Bunclody died March 1st 1914 aged 46yrs also his wife ANNIE died Oct 4th 1944 aged 71 years and their son JOHN died April 1st 1923 aged 23 years

No.35 Fortune.

Gloria in excelsis deo Erected by Mary Fortune in memory of her husband THOMAS FORTUNE who departed this life 17th Octbr 1870 aged 60 years also his mother MARY FORTUNE who died 5th January 1845 aged 70 years also the above MARY FORTUNE who died 28th Novr 1902 aged 83 years her son JOHN FORTUNE died April 12th 1918 aged 69 years and his wife MARY FORTUNE died may 22nd 1947 aged 84 years. Requiescant in pace amen and her daughter MARY FORTUNE died march 31st 1959 aged 58 years.


O holy cross under thy shadow I will rest in loving memory of MAGGIE SHERIDAN who died April 4th 1912 aged 2 years 10 months also her brother JAMES JOSEPH died April 8th 1936 aged 23 years also their father OWEN SHERIDAN died Oct 28th 1944 aged 67 years and their mother ELLEN SHERIDAN died Nov 18th 1979 aged 98 years.


In sacred memory of MARGARET MACDONALD Irish Street Bunclody who died feb 20th 1926 aged 76 years also her husband PATRICK MACDONALD died Oct 31st 1933 aged 82yrs Jesus have mercy on their souls

No.38 McDonald

(In the sane grave as No.37)

Erected in the loving memory of MICHAEL MACDONALD Clobemon died Aug 26th 1925 aged 82 years also his wife ELLEN MACDONALD died Dec 13th 1935 aged 90 years.

No.39 Harris

In loving memory of JOHN HARRIS Newtownbarry who died Dec 17th 1899 aged 84 years his wife CATHERINE HARRISS died May 6th 1899 aged 72 years also their son JAMES died May 28th 1909 aged 54 years also their daughters ANN HARRIS died June 1st aged 62 years MARGARET DOYLE died Jany 23rd 1931 aged 71 years


Uninscribed iron cross

No.41 Breen

Thy will be done in loving memory of ELIZABETH BREEN Church Street who died Sep 8th 1917 aged 66 years also her son WILLIAM BREEN died April 1st 1935 aged 50 years and her husband PATRICK BREEN died Nov 11th 1938 aged 85 years.


Uninscribed iron cross


In loving memory ANNIE KENNY Irish Street who died 4th March 1942 aged 59 years hr husband PATRICK KENNY died Feb 1947 aged 73 years their son JOHN KENNY died 2nd Nov 1961 aged 54 years also their children HUGH, MARGARET AND KATHLEEN who died young. MARGARET KENNY died 28th Oct 1968 aged 48 years.


Uninscribed flag


Thy will be done erected by James Sheridan Bunclody in loving memory of his wife MARY SHERIDAN who died February 23rd 1923 aged 67 years also their daughter MARGARET DWYER who died May 29th 1928 in New Jersey also the above JAMES SHERIDAN who died May 7th 1932 aged 90 years also their daughter - in - law MARY ANNE SHERIDAN who died September 5th 1974 aged 78 years also their son PETER SHERIDAN who died February 15th 1976. Our lady of Lourdes pray for them.


Unincsribed iron cross


Thy will be done erected by Michael Donohoe Newtownbarry in memory of his father DAVID DONOHOE died May 6th 1880 aged 84 years also his mother CATHERINE DONOHOE died Feby 6th 1877 aged 68 years also his sister BRIDGET DONOHOE died Feby 11th 1848 aged 5 years also the above MICHAEL DONOHOE died Dec 1st 1924 aged 90 years.


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Erected by Anne o' Sullivan N.T. Mounthrath in loving memory of her grandparents and also her parents PHILIP AND CHARLOTTE O'SULLIVAN